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How Night Works

As you can see, we’re just beginning with our fundraising, and we will likely get started sometime in the first quarter of 2021.


We envision a three-stage process for those in need to take advantage of NIGHT’s services.


We direct those potentially in need to a NIGHT affiliated on-line mental health triage application.


There are a few on the market place, and we are in advanced conversations with several software companies to help us verify membership within the NHS and to direct you to the right applications.

The Stages

As appropriate, those facing challenges will be directed to either:


If direct clinical intervention is indicated, the case will be reviewed and
referred to an appropriate institution for confidential intervention.


NIGHT will pay for the treatment and track patient outcome on a confidential


One of the several dozen currently active charities (once applicability is
established) to deal with their needs. Appropriateness will be determined by
the triage system’s pre-arranged care model.

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The Nightingale Initiative for Global Healthcare Transformation charity (NIGHT) is being established to raise funds to provide at no cost confidential direct clinical support for traumatic mental health challenges for NHS nurses and midwives.

Why this support is needed:

While one in six adults in the UK showed signs of common mental disorder, one survey found that 85% of medical practitioners experienced similar mental health problems and have not sought treatment.
There are roughly 320,000 nurses, midwives and Healthcare Assistants
in the NHS alone


Between 30 and 51 nurses per year take their own lives.
The suicide rate amongst nurses is 23% higher than the national average.
Yet only roughly 1% have requested mental health


There is currently no provision that nurses believe is confidential that provides clinical interventions within the NHS for nursing staff

The reasons why medical personnel (even doctors, administrators and
support staff) do not always seek treatment for personal mentalhealth
concerns are varied and complex:

Some fear if they disclose a mental illness, they may be subject to sanctions from their employer or professional regulator, or even lose their job.

Some also fear the loss of confidentiality, that their personal details will be disclosed, or that they will be subject to gossip or worse.
Many, particularly doctors, feel ashamed of having a mental illness because they cannot ‘fix’ themselves.

It has always been challenging for healthcare professionals to work in their demanding positions.

With mental wellbeing services from the NHS being currently overstretched and underfunded, it is difficult to access full support within the organisation
itself. In fact, the NHS has encouraged individuals to seek assistance from mental health charities currently in operation, but none to our knowledge goes a far as providing no-cost direct clinical support to the patient.

The good news is that there is an abundance of mental health charities operating in the United Kingdom that specialises in various services, meaning that nobody is left completely in the dark.

In some cases, this is not quite enough, and direct clinical counselling is sometimes indicated.


NIGHT wishes to raise funds to make this a free
of charge service to NHS nurses, and to expand the mission as possible.

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Need help now?

 If as a nurse, midwife or HCA you are struggling now and can’t wait, please contact us and we will offer you the best support possible